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Waterproofing & Thermal insulation

Team" is a company specialized in waterproofing and thermal insulation. The company provides comprehensive solutions in the field of insulation, offering effective protection against water leakage and improving thermal insulation.

Team stands out for its extensive experience in insulation and its use of the latest technologies and high-quality insulation materials. The company offers a range of services, including:

1. Roof Waterproofing: Team provides efficient waterproofing solutions for roofs, using leak-proof coatings and membranes to prevent water infiltration and protect the structural integrity.

2. Wall Insulation: Team offers innovative solutions for wall insulation, improving thermal insulation and meeting building requirements. High-quality insulation materials are used to reduce heat loss and enhance energy efficiency.

3. Foundation and Floor Waterproofing: Team provides specialized solutions for waterproofing foundations and floors, preventing water leakage. The company relies on advanced techniques and strong waterproofing materials to ensure complete protection for the building.

4. Specialized Insulation Applications: In addition to primary insulation, Team offers solutions for specialized insulation applications such as waterproofing of tanks, swimming pools, commercial, and industrial areas.

Team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions and effectively meeting customer needs. The company relies on a qualified and specialized team with expertise in insulation, utilizing the latest technologies and equipment.